About Me

My name is Alexandra,

I’m just a girl obsessed with blue hair, big buns (both on my head and my butt), other cultures, dogs, coffee, donuts, tacos and mismatched socks. I love traveling, hand lettering while binging Netflix, being active and lifting heavy things, and health in general; physically, mentally and for the planet.

I’m a wannabe minimal-ish, but not because I don’t believe in owning anything or don’t enjoy shopping, because I believe we don’t always need more more more. We should enjoy MORE of what we already have, material or otherwise. I also don’t believe our world can sustain our endless buying, so I try to live low waste including as minimal single-use plastic or cheap disposable things as possible.

Life spit in my face in 2017. I went through a huge change in my life and and discovered so many things about the people around me, myself and how much I was being held back and how much more there is to discover and learn outside of your bubble. Since then I’ve been learning to live my life with more intention while traveling around the world and learning a thing or two about myself and the world we live in and making both the best they can be.

I learn by doing, recording, sharing and teaching. So, I want to share my tips, tricks and experiences and discoveries along the way. I love to connect people, bring them together and just help in any way I can in this world. The millennial way is by social medias and blogging right!?! So here it is! My blog, something I never thought of doing, completely raw, fun and beautifully varied just like me.

I don’t claim to be an Influencer, nor do I want to be. But if I can influence positive change by just living my life and sharing I am proud to do just that.