Don’t train half assed, train full ass and get a Booty by Bobbitt
— Alexandra Bobbitt

Booty By Bobbitt is a supplemental program 2x a week for all levels and abilities, from beginner to the already big booties.

There are three parts to the program: “activation”, “strength” and “accessory”. The focus is to create strength and stability within the glutes, quads and posterior chain, improving the way your body moves and ultimately aiding you in your fitness goals.

Depending on your fitness regime Booty By Bobbitt can be implemented by themselves or accompanied by cardio depending on your fitness needs and wants. If you’re not already in a regular workout routine this program is a great way to start but it will also be a great addition to pre-existing routines.

The parts can be broken up into more than two days as well, allowing you to do just the activation piece, strength piece or accessory piece in combination with your regular routine or class (ie a cycling class or the daily WOD). All movements are created to be performed in any gym with standard equipment and a substitution/replacement guide will be made available at a future date and time (for when your low on equipment or traveling).

The History Of Booty By Bobbitt

The premise of this program started as a class within an exercise science project, the goal of which was to get a stronger squat, but took off because who can say no to a better booty? I can’t guarantee a backside like Beyoncé’s, that’s genetics, but if you put in the work, stay consistent and focused you will achieve a stronger more bodacious booty.

Keep in mind this is a focused program with specific strength parameters pertaining to the posterior chain. Feel free to contact me if you are looking for more options including overall fitness, injury specific programming, etc.

It has been formally known as Booty Blast, Posterior Power and now its ever loved name of Booty By Bobbitt.


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