Peace Out Plastic Challenge

Peace Out ✌️ Plastic Challenge

I came up with this idea recently and I’m so excited to launch it! I know not everyone is ready to go completely plastic free, that is okay, so I came up with this mini challenge for friends and family to join me and still help make a difference and spread awareness during #noplasticnovember!

Daily Challenge

Give up 2 plastic items a day for 14 days (2 weeks). Can be different items each day.
(Example: you usually buy a water/soda. Bring a reusable bottle.)
I encourage you to give up items you don’t already replace. If you already bring a water bottle, count something else as your plastic swap.

I will be included numerous swap ideas in  the next blog post for easy reference. But ask questions, plan ahead, pack ahead.

Once a Week

– Snap 1 photo of at least one of your swaps. You can post to your feed or story.

– When sharing your photo, challenge two friends each week to take on the challenge with you.

– Tag me and ask your friends to do the same so I can keep up with who is making a difference with me!!
   Hashtag #peaceoutplasticchallenge #wanderingwithintention
(Sorry for the long hashtags but they have a purpose I promise) 

The goal isn’t perfection. It is awareness. If you slip up and don’t complete one day, I challenge you to add a day. Accumulate 14 days total.

I also encourage you to keep up the challenge after the 14 days, but now I’m just getting righteous and crazy.


Never Stop Trying to Make a Difference.

If you’ve ever seen the turtle tattoo on my foot, it says this in Spanish. I got it after a volunteer project with baby turtles in Costa Rica. It also has a small 1:1000 under it, because the statistic at the time was 1 in 1,000 baby turtles survived. (And 10 years ago that was not factoring in our oceans pollutions.) Out of the 1:1000 that survived a population of turtles existed and was thriving. It's not significant, but it does mean 1 in 1,000 can make a difference. Imagine when you add all those ones together the difference that can make. 

Fun Facts of Encouragement

A recent study said that 78% of people want to reduce their use of single-use plastic. But if they want to and aren’t, maybe they don’t know how. I’m here to help, ask me and if I don’t know I will gladly help you find an alternative!

Replacing items these days is a learning process. We have become so dependent on quick and right in front of us that finding a swap doesn’t always come naturally. But in this day and age, there is a solution for almost everything. And they’re not that hard. If I haven’t figured it out yet, I’m happy to discover it with you.

I mentioned in my first post how American's used about 50 BILLION plastic water bottles last year. And that the recycling rate is only 23%. (Link to post) 

Not to mention all the other plastic and non-degradable objects floating around in the ocean, killing animals and plant life. Manatees eat plastic bags, pelicans get caught up in fishing line, turtles inhale straws, whales eat tons of micro plastics debris …. What happened to the huge drive to do away with 6-pack plastic rings killing dolphins?! Where is the initiative behind that, because it worked! When did we stop, and why?

‘According to a study done in 2015 by UC Santa Barbara’s National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) quantifying the input of plastic waste from land to ocean:
In 2015, 8 million metric tons of plastic ended up in our oceans in one year.
This is equivalent to 5 grocery bags filled with plastic for every foot of coastline in the world.

In 2025, it is estimated to be two times as much, 16 million metric tons, or 10 bags full of plastic per foot of coastline per year.

That is over 100 bags of plastic per foot of coastline in the world that will end up in our ocean in the span of 10 years. 

“100 bags of plastic PER foot of coastline in the WORLD!” By 2025. That’s less than 7 years away. To change this we need a drastic shift in a drastic way.

Think like this. If you give up two plastic items per day for 14 days, that’s 28 less plastic items that would have gone into landfills.
Now if you challenge 4 friends and they give up 28 items each, that’s 140. And if each of them challenge 4, 588.
“That’s chump change in the grand scheme of it all”
Well, I say that’s small minded.
Imagine if everyone in America gave up just 28 items. That would be over 9 billion plastic items. 9 👏Bill 👏 ion 👏. That’s a damn lot of plastic bags full. If you don’t think that can make a difference, you don’t have a very good imagination.

So when you think “Oh this 1 reusable water bottle or bag doesn’t do anything” think again. If everyone on the earth thinks they can make a difference with one item, imagine two! It doesn’t end the problem but it sure as hell does help us on our way.
One SINGLE person may not make a huge difference alone, but with friends, family and like minded people you can literally help change the world.

Think bigger. Think better. Be a better human.

The point of this is awareness. You’re not going to be perfect. Your not always going to be able to give up all plastic without major life changes and pre-planning. And if that’s not you, that doesn’t mean you still can’t make a difference. There is always a way to make a positive impact!!