No Plastic November

I am taking on a huge challenge, but a worthy challenge.


The challenge is go all November without using single use plastic.

I have been interested in going minimal waste for a while now and know it wont be easy, and I know I won’t be perfect but its about being aware, learning and trying. The world has become so revolved around plastic it is ingrained in us. But the effect has become too big and it is time for a change.

No single use plastic means not buying items of single use plastic like shampoo containers, razors, milk cartons, water bottles, etc.... as well as not buying/using at restaurants, bars or just on the go. The first challenge is not buying any additional single use, finishing whatever I already have, finding sustainable swaps and solutions then the next challenge is keeping that habit for life. Anything I’ve already purchased I will use till they are done, as mindlessly throwing them out and not finishing them is just as wasteful, but I will collect them to show what accumulates at the end, including any plastic slip ups along the way.

I will also be keeping track of all the struggles, success and solutions I encounter. I’ll record what I find to replace items or even if I do not find viable solutions, as this is half the problem with some things these days, then share here, IG and FB with those looking to help make a change too and just aren’t sure how. The world needs us to be more aware, the world needs us to demand a change.

Did you know in American's used about 50 BILLION plastic water bottles last year. The recycling rate is only 23%, which means 38.5 BILLION bottles, are wasted each year. Most end up in the ocean. And that’s not including other plastic items.

The Great Pacific 2018

The Great Pacific 2018

Then 500 BILLION single-use plastic bags are used per year. 1 billion bags a minute, or 150 bags a year per person. Sea turtles, manatees, and other water living creatures don’t know the difference between bags floating and food. They eat it, it gets stuck in their system and they usually die.

Sea Turtles Don’t know the difference between jellyfish and plastic bags….

Sea Turtles Don’t know the difference between jellyfish and plastic bags….

Not to mention all the other plastic and non-degradable things floating around in the ocean which kill animals by other means. Straws, fishing lines…. What happened to the huge drive to do away with 6-pack plastic rings killing dolphins! Where is the initiative behind that because it worked! When did we stop, and why?

Where ever we lost the drive for saving dolphins stuck in 6-pack rings, we need that drive again, that awareness, that sense of accountability for the animals and our earth. So, this is my part. And I hope you learn something along the way and choose to help no matter how big or small.

Everyone can make a difference but together we can make things change.