Squat Squad

Squat Squad is free warm up routines and accessories released a few times a month both here and on my IG! compiled of exercises geared to increase small and large muscle activation and synergy.

All routines focus to improve:



of every squat from the seasoned athlete already squatting big 3 digit numbers to the new athlete looking to feel more comfortable in that beloved bottom position.

Squat Squat is perfect for anyone already in a squat routine to add into warm up, or cool down.

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Warm up routines, tips on proper technique, progressions and bonus accessories will be released on my IG a few times a month for easy addition and progression.

So follow along and give me a shout out when you use my routines I love to see who is dedicated to training with intention!

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Routine 1: Back to the Basics

I don’t care if you squat 400 lbs (181kgs), if you do this basic tried and true warm up routine it will burn and it will help improve your squat and overall lower body stability.

3 Rounds

10 x Side Steps

5e x 3-Way Kicks

10 x Banded Air Squats

10e x Banded Stankly Legs

5 x Banded Air Squat Jumps

Perform this every squat day, or more often for the next 3 weeks. Every 3-4 weeks I will build and improve on each warm up routine to provide progressions and variations…

Stay tuned and stay activated Squat Squad!